Emergency Contact Numbers (Singapore)

  • Non-emergency Ambulance: 1777
  • Emergency Ambulance and Fire: 995
  • Police Hotline: 1800 255 0000
  • Police Emergency: 999


What do I tell the 995 Operations Centre Specialists?

To facilitate a faster response to the patient, the 995 caller should do the following:

  • Identify yourself and provide a telephone number.
  • Provide the location and specific address/postal code or nearest prominent or landmark such as lamp post nos, bus stop nos. If you are calling 995 from an open area with no landmarks/buildings etc, you can use myResponder app to contact 995 which will register your location.
  • Describe the patient's signs and symptoms briefly with the help of a list of guided questions e.g. male, Chinese, 67 years old, having severe chest pain since 2 minutes ago, breathless, sweating.
  • Be calm and follow the instructions of the call taker. Do not hang up the telephone unless told to do so by the call taker.
  • Send somebody to wait for the EMS crew e.g. by opening the door or proceed to the lift lobby to direct the EMS crew to the patient.
  • If the condition of the patient deteriorates, to immediately call 995 for further instructions.

Patients arriving in SCDF emergency ambulances need not pay for the ambulance service only for emergency cases. Non-emergency cases will be charged an ambulance fee of $274*.

*information correct as at Jul 2015